They Were Sure... But They Were Wrong

The indirect attacks from Chiznac caused a spiral of violence around the town of Gabe. People felt merciless, and they justified their actions by blaming government policies—they started complaining about everything. Love and compassion vaporized like steam in the wind.

The people were certain as to what had caused the crisis. They were sure it was because debts were increasing and the dollar kept sliding. They were sure it was because people were getting sick and there was no cure for their illnesses—that the healthcare system was a mess. They were sure it was their ancestors who didn’t make proper provisions for them. They were sure it was because the cost of education was too high. They were sure it was because they loved others who didn’t love them back—that they were cold because they were hurt in the past and refused to be hurt again.

They were sure it was because of corruption, selfishness, greed and injustice in the system. They were sure it was because kids were dropping out of school, either on their own accord or because of lack of interest in education. They were sure they knew the answer to every question asked; and they justified each answer, too. But none of these were right though they were so sure. Only their minds created the problem, forged by the rulers of the dark—one problem, but dispatched by their minds like packs of elusive branches on a tree.

Excerpt From The Sacred Emblem

Posted With Permission

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--- What we think is the problem isn't. Our solution is to set ourselves free from the bondage of the dark ----

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