Now you come in my favorite garment So soothing to the nose like my favorite scent. I cannot close my eyes when seeing is so sweet I cannot take such chance, no, it’s a thought i must defeat. Come, let’s go up the hill where it’s closer to the clouds Come, let’s sing a lullaby as we walk hand-in-hand. Our voices won’t be enough, let’s bring a band. There is bliss ahead if only we don’t close our eyes. And oh, how glorious the path It’s decked with roses and perfect works of art But never close your eyes It will be to your demise It’s easy, forever the eyes are amused by the new, for beauty understands the ways of the eyes. So it fashions its ways based on journeys before.

One step, two steps, three steps, four. I am drowsy, cannot stay awake Oh beauty, where have you brought me for goodness sake? Why do you have to hide? What’s this rule to which you must abide? Why are you only in the light and not the dark? Oh beauty what have you done? Why do you come and go with only the sun? I open my eyes again and darkness take flight But now my love is nowhere in sight

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