Oh brother, forever I am confused I asked why the disuse, the abuse Why do you attack the mirror, oh brother? When it’s not to remove a smother Why don’t you like what you see? Did you fall for the trick of the debris? Did it make you look like someone else? Did it make you appear to have no sense? Oh brother, did you fall into the smear of the opposition? Did it make you feel you have no protection, no hope nor conviction? Talk to me, oh brother, my ears are wide open I have no problem if you’re too outspoken My problem is, brother, like a missing tooth you fail to see the truth It’s time oh brother. See it now, for tomorrow I won’t bother Sit and look awhile on your prosperous brother. Brother sit awhile and look at your prosperous brother! Can you not see, oh brother? Observe the mirror you look through Can you not see that your brother is you?

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