Commerce – The Real Reason Behind A Poor Diet

“We are what we eat,” this certain phrase might seem too exaggerated to some but it is actually true! This is because your diet reflects your outer physical state as well. Many people take their diets lightly because there are not any instant signs that one sees while consuming bad food. These signs come after a certain time when you have completely adapted to a poor diet.

Other than this, there are so many diseases linked to the consumption of bad quality food which can grow even worse with the continuation. And they actually make your digestive system weak—processing bad food takes a lot of work and time. This can lower your immunity because your body’s defenses are so busy processing bad food that certain invaders fall through the cracks, leaving you succeptable to even more diseases that might not be linked to your digestive system alone.

The importance of food is not something that we can wrap up in just a few words. The only reason we earn is mainly to feed ourselves and families. Our entire body’s fuel is the food we consume. The quality of food matters because it is the source of nourishment to your entire body and the way it runs.

Due to this importance, and perhaps other factors not explored here, food is not free. This is because resources are scarce and the people are too many in number. If food were to be free, one cannot imagine the pace we would run out of it. So of course, having a balanced system of commerce is crucial. But is this system fair?

We have this concept in our minds that good quality food and anything of good quality is supposed to be expensive. Is this system really fair? Why is it that poor people are deprived of good quality food or people who are middle class have to stick to buying mediocre food and ingredients? The nourishment for them is as important to people who can afford highly expensive goods is it not? Why is it that trade agreements force people to accept foods from thousands of miles away, foods that ultimately have to be preserved and conditioned to undergo the weeks' and months' journeys on the sea? In this sense, some countries aren’t taking the proper nourishment of their people seriously. They sign agreements on behalf of the people to accept inferior goods. Foods imported from miles away cost more, the foods’ tickets have to be paid for before they board the ships. And these countries receiving the inferior goods also agree to not grow and supply the products in their own country on a broad scale.

Foods are also climatized - an apple grown in the cold looks different from one grown in the tropics. Each provide nourishment that bolster the body to withstand conditions of their particular environment. So we should ask ourselves, is it wise to be caught under a ball of fire, fuming at 96 degrees, eating foods that have never seen sunshine?

Back to the cost factor, a simple bottle of mineral water costs quite a lot if we see it on an annual basis. This basically depicts that if you cannot afford clean water it means you cannot have any either. This mindset has lead so many people into catching deadly diseases due to either less consumption of water or consuming unhealthy and unclean water. Moreover, some companies exploit their consumers even more once they have gained their trust. As such, consumers will be willing to pay higher prices trusting that the company sells pure and clean water.

We can also see that in order to gain maximum profits, and to meet demands, food companies add preservatives and artificial flavors to their food or drinks so that they can manufacture them at a much lower price as compared to the selling price. Let's just take the example of juice. When we are drinking a juice, we actually think we are doing something good for our bodies by consuming something natural and healthy. These companies take that away from us by giving a lesser amount of organic juice and more of other things they have added to it.

Other than this, processed food itself is so harmful. As more and more researches are being progressed, they see so many diseases caused by the consumption of processed food. Not doing any good for the body is one thing but harming it is another.

We somehow have a lot of faith in this system but when there is money involved, people can be greedy and that means that most companies do not provide you with the food they promise. They provide you with things that will make them gain maximum profits. Now of course not all companies are being targeted here, some have a very clear stance towards this, but mostly there is fraud involved when it comes to the food industry. And again, good quality means that you have to pay extra.

Solutions to this problem

Be in tune with your body. Bad food makes you feel bad and look bad. Good food makes you feel good and look good. Now, of course, one cannot really compromise on the food they eat so there has to be some way out of this. There are a number of ways you can actually tackle this problem:

Grow your Own Food

Instead of buying daily used vegetables, you can grow them yourselves or find a good local supplier. God knows what kind of pesticides and what kind of water was used to grow the imported ones. It will also save you a lot of money and is a much safer option.

Drink Enough Clean Water

If you do not have the best food options you should take care of your health by other means. Be sure to have plenty of clean water. This can flush your system of any harmful toxins and help regulate it. In these times, it is a good idea to boil the water you drink. Boil for at least 3 minutes and allow to cool at room temperature before refrigerating.

Get enough Rest

Getting enough rest is crucial. It helps your body’s natural defenses work for you. It improves your immune system which pretty much helps take care of everything. Many people will say they sleep enough. But many who claim to be sleeping aren’t exactly sleeping. There are many factors that prevent a peaceful sleep. Take care of these factors so you can have good nights’ sleep. You should wake up feeling rejuvenated, not fatigued. Sleep heals.


Exercise is also something which would keep you fit and also detox your body. It regulates your entire system and keeps you from gaining any extra weight.

Fresh air

Fresh air is extremely important for a healthy mind and a healthy body. It will help you breathe better and that will make your entire body function much better. So one must go out and spend some time with nature. Walk along the beach, the river, the lake. Take some deep breaths while the air is fresh


Meditating is another option that will keep you highly relaxed and soothe your entire body down. This is also very beneficial for stress, heart health, and also improves your breathing greatly. The actions in meditating help your body to heal and improves overall functioning. Just close your eyes when its safe to do so, focus on the darkness you see. Whenever your mind wonders away steer it back. It does a lot for your body and mind, even if you only manage to do it for a few seconds at a time.

Have Good Times

Listen to your favorite songs, watch your favorite shows, read your favorite books, hang out at your favorite spots. Sing, dance, shake something. Do your best to feel good and stay away from folks who threaten your peace of mind.

Bottom line

Commerce is good, but dangerous when merged with food due to which you must give your body extra attention to compensate for the quality of food you are having.

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