Do you understand what love is? Oh do you understand? Can you not see? How blind can you be? Tomorrow’s people say it’s simple Yesterday’s people say it’s like a dimple Now’s people say it makes no sense, it’s just a pretense But do you understand? That it’s something not planned? Can you not see? That it’s something far beyond you and me? Oh love, oh love. What garment do you wear? Is it something fashioned for our care? Is it based on what we can bare? Is it covered in diamond, covered in silk? Does it make a demand, is it for all sucklings like breast-milk? Love, answer the children now! Reveal thy face so they say wow! Reveal it at once so they ask how? How could it be, for a whole lifelong? Like a favorite sing-along-song How could you do this, love? How could your subtle mask be so strong? When all the while I was thinking you were wrong, you were God’s face all along.

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