5 Best Ice Packs For Pain Relief

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

During this Covid-19 pandemic, treating stress-related issues become paramount. After all, stress has a way of making everything worse. Now could be a good time to treat an annoying issue that has been plaquing you for ages.

Back Pain is considered to be the single, most leading cause of disability worldwide. In fact, it is this problem that leaves most people debilitated and unable to pursue their profession as they would like. However, a quick and easy remedy to this annoying problem is applying ice packs to the affected area.

As many as 31 million American citizens experience back pain at any given time. And as much as 80% of the world population is expected to experience it at some point in their lives. Through these facts, you can already estimate the magnitude of this issue.

This is where ice packs come in. Ice packs are one of the most widely used therapeutic products all around the world. From the hospitals to the homes - the cold compression technique is being used daily. Hence, no first aid box is complete without containing the best ice packs for pain relief.

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But it is not just back pain that these inexpensive, pain-relieving devices are suitable for. There are a million other uses for them. Whether you have been bitten by a bee or cut yourself in the kitchen, these heroic ice packs are what you should reach out for. Let’s learn a little more about their uses.

Why Use An Ice Pack? - The Benefits

Whenever one is physically hurt, a hot or cold compression is what we reach out for instinctively. But what are the benefits of using these therapeutic temperature techniques? Read on to know what ice packs are good for.

Stops active bleeding

Applying ice to a bleeding wound will help close it. This is because low temperatures will promote vasoconstriction, making your blood capillaries narrower. In these tight blood vessels, blood flow is reduced. Together, these two factors promote the coagulation process and form a blood clot.

Numbs the area to painful sensations

Low temperatures also affect the level of pain you can feel. This is possible because low temperatures numb the nerve endings that carry these pain signals. Hence, these painful sensations are unable to make their way to the brain.

Reduces inflammation and swelling

Ice packs are also often used to reduce swelling or an inflammatory reaction. It calms all the cardinal signs of inflammation and helps to bring the body back to normal.

Best Ice Packs For Pain Relief - Comparison Chart

Top 5 Best Ice Packs For Pain Relief

1. The FlexiKolo Gel Ice Pack

Key Features

Lasts for a long time

Are you tired of DIY cold packs that lose their cool feel after a couple of minutes of use? If yes, then you need to invest in the FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack right away! This ice pack is made by using a unique gel formula that stays cool for longer. This remarkable gel will outlast any other traditional ice pack that uses the inferior bentonite formulations.

Comfort and convenience ensured

We are not going to lie, DIY ice packs are great on the pocket. But the worst thing about using a block of ice to soothe your injuries is that it is stiff. It will not fit the contours of your body for the maximum benefit.

However, the FlexiKold ice pack has no problems like this. It remains flexible even when frozen solid! This ensures maximum contact of the cold pack and the affected area.

Premium construction

The last thing you want to do when you are hurt is cleaning up a mess. But that is what you would get when you use dripping homemade ice packs. So, avoid the extra hassle by switching to FlexiKold. The premium construction of this ice pack guarantees that there will be no leaks to clean up after.


  • This ice pack is available in 4 various sizes. Now you can give cold treatment to any area of your body!

  • This ice pack is recommended by doctors and other healthcare professionals all over the globe.

  • Can be reused an unlimited number of times

  • Perfect for treating both acute and chronic pain.


  • It cannot be used for hot compression therapy.

2. The Polar Ice Large Knee Wrap

Key Features

2 in 1 therapeutic effect

The ice pack works by providing pressure and lowering the temperature of the injury. These are two of the four factors that make up RICE therapy. In this, this cold compression technique acts in two ways to provide pain relief.

Maximum comfort guaranteed

The manufacturing material of this ice pack is soft fleece. This prevents ice and skin contact and minimizes the chances of frostbite.

Secure, unmoving fit

Your knee is a tricky body part to treat with cold compressions. But with the wrap-around style, loops, and adjustable straps, this ice pack ensures a secure and unmoving fit.


  • Easy to use

  • Versatile

  • Soft fleece material

  • Perfect for RICE therapy


  • Is mainly made for the knee area

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3. The Koo-Care Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack & Wrap with Elastic Straps for Hot Cold Therapy

Key Features

Hot and cold compressions

This item saves you money by serving as both - a hot and cold pack. Simply freeze or microwave the product to get your desired effect.

Smart design and construction

This ice pack is designed to give you the ultimate comfort and convenience. It is made of soft material and includes a matching wrap and an extension band. The straps keep the ice pack in place while you walk around.

Zero risk purchase

If you are skeptical of online purchases, this product will resolve all your troubles. With this, you get an entire year’s warranty and hassle-free replacement policy to make it a zero-risk purchase for you.


  • Nontoxic nylon material

  • Comfortable and adjustable fit

  • For hot and cold therapy

  • Includes an extender strap


  • Does not stay frozen for very long

4. The Ice Pack (2-Piece Set) by Trekproof

Key Features

Adjustable for superior comfort

These hot and cold packs are incredibly pliable and flexible. What’s more, is that an adjustable comfort strap is also included in the package. All of these factors make this product very comfortable to use.

Best for hot and cold therapy

With this product, you get the best of both worlds. Whether your injury needs a hot compression or a cold compression, this product will serve you amazingly. Now you don’t have to buy separate compression packs for each treatment.

Comes with a backup pack

The package includes two ice packs. This ensures that you always have a backup in the freezer while you are using one on yourself. No need to wait while your ice pack gets cold again!


  • Great value for money

  • Multiple uses

  • Includes a comfort strap

  • Freezes over quickly


  • Too small to be used on larger injuries

5. The Large Wrap with Ice Pack for Injuries by TheraPAQ

Key Features

Does not hinder movement

This ice pack lets you move about easily, even when hurt. It will provide you the therapy you need without coming into your way.

Reduce pain in any body part

The large size of this ice pack enables it to be used anywhere on the body. From a neck sprain to a bad back, the versatility of this product proves itself.

Great customer service

The brand offers a 100% money-back guarantee if they fail to satisfy you. The return policy is easy, with no questions asked.


  • Makes for a thoughtful gift for any occasion

  • Large size

  • Allows hot and cold therapy

  • Worry-free purchase with warranty


  • Is an initial investment

Different Types Of Ice Packs For Pain Relief

In your homes and the hospitals, you will have seen a variety of ice packs being used. But how many different types of ice packs exist? When we widely classify them, the number is three.

Reusable ice packs

First of all, let us consider the kind of ice packs that you would most commonly see in a first aid box. Yes, we are talking about the reusable ice packs that one can stick into the freezer before use every time.

These recyclable ice packs are most commonly filled with some sort of gel that freezes over in a short period. However, this gel or fluid also tends to retain its frozen state for a long time. This ability makes them fit to be used in the capacity of cold packs.

Disposable instant ice packs

The second kind of ice pack that is commonly used is instant ones. Unlike the reusable ice packs mentioned above, they cannot be used more than once. However, they do have one perk over the reusable ones. These instant ice packs do not require any freezing before their usage.

These ice packs are initially stored at room temperature. When they are needed, all you have to do is ‘crack’ them. This sets off a chemical reaction in the ice pack, which causes it to become cold in only a few seconds. After one use, they have to be disposed of in the trash.

DIY ice packs

DIY ice packs are something all of us have used at some time or the other. There are many different subtypes in DIY ice packs. This category has the potential to be the most economical of all ice packs.