#1 Way To Get Things Done


You have to get to it. There will never be an ideal time in the future to get it done. Why? Because all you got is now. If you're trying to make yourself believe in some other time other than the present, you're fighting a losing battle. Guess what? Yourself knows the truth. And it cannot be deceived. It knows if you don't do it now it wont be done at all. It knows that if you're not doing it now it's not important to you. It knows that if it's not important to you then there's no point getting it done. You see, you're dealing with a detailed, efficient self here. It's not into your mix-up, confusion, indecisiveness and inconsistencies. It's here to work for you. Are you breathing tomorrow, or are you breathing now? Are you seeing tomorrow, or are you seeing now? Are the things you think about as important to you as breathing? Are they as important to you as seeing? This is what you're up against. These habits are second nature. You do them so much, think about them so much that they become unconscious. They're carved into your psyche, carved into your reality.

If you want to channel all these creative, powerful, boundless energies from yourself into what you want to get done, you have to do it now. Doing it now will let the self recognize that it must be done. And that's all you need.

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