For your Graphic Design needs at a low cost, look no  further than Elite Designs. You name it, we design it!

- Banners/Web Banners

- Flyers

- Logos

- Posters

- Brochures

- Business Cards

- Infographics

- Booklets

- Invitations

- Tickets

- Menus

- eBooks, Books and Book Covers

- Mockups

- Certificates

- Photo Edits

- Videos

- Perforated Window/Glass/Windshield Graphics

- Signs

- Stickers/Decals and more

Points to note

- Although we make every effort to complete each project in the least time possible, please plan ahead and order projects in advance to avoid express fees where overnight or other urgent services are required. 

- Please give requirement details in writing as much as possible. They act as references when project is underway.

- We do not offer printing services. We do the designs and send you print-ready files that you would forward to printing companies for printing.

Why you need a Graphic Designer? They put your business out there with style, giving it that punch to attract customers! It’s about advertising, they help you get your messages across in ways that are memorable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing.

It is true that a picture paints a thousand words! They convert ideas into luring design concepts.


Why Elite Designs?

- We focus on elegant, professional designs that are universally competitive.

- We know how frustrating it can be when you need something done, sends a query, but get no response. We respond fast and communicate with you throughout the design process.

- All designs are original and can be used commercially by you the client.

- We care about your business! We want to see your business or event succeed. We believe in small starts and taking gradual steps towards something bigger. To achieve this fete, we encourage you to be diligent and consistent in your business/endeavors no matter the pitfalls.

- Low cost. Because small businesses need a boost that doesn’t explode their pockets, we tailor prices to suit you the client.

- Since our team includes Author and Educator, we provide edited, professional and engaging content that can lift your description

- On time delivery

Go ahead, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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