Welcome to the home of the Sacred Emblem. Phil’s ancestors knew the strengthening of their minds would one day bring forth an empowered offspring. And so this story follows one theme: “Nothing is lost—when it becomes consistent, it becomes the way.”This is not just another story, it contains a gem that can optimize your being.

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About The Author

Cleon Carnegie is the author of The Sacred Emblem, a YA novel with a strong philosophical undertone. If you’re from this planet Earth, Ozar as it is called in The Sacred Emblem, then you've probably wondered why people do the things they do. In that case, this is the novel for you.
Cleon Carnegie graduated from the University of Technology, Jamaica with Bachelor's Degree (Hons.) in Education and Industrial Technology. He’s currently an educator in the Bahamas where he lives with his wife Audrie and daughter Victoria.

Cleon is also a Graphic Designer, a chess club coordinator and a champion soccer coach for junior boys and girls.
He encourages you to treasure the latest update of humankind, the child.


Cleon Carnegie



“Nothing is lost—when it becomes consistent, it becomes the way.”

Sixteen-year-old Phil is new to Hills View High School in Tahoe. He has no recollection of the mysterious event of thirteen years ago. But the destiny that has awaited him since birth takes him down a dangerous path to unravel the mystery surrounding his friend's death and his father's disappearance. It is a path that will place him face-to-face with the evil dwellers of Chiznac who are masters of manipulation, and longtime enemies of his ancestors. The consequences are incalculable and goes far beyond his world.

To survive and save the ones he love, Phil must come to terms with the true nature of his being and master the boundless powers of the sacred emblem.


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